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Service Department

Our goal is to offer superior service when it comes to bicycle repairs, maintenance, and service. Bicycles have become more complicated due to the technology that is now offered. We can service and maintain most all brands, types, and styles of bikes.

Always feel free to call us if you have any questions regarding our services. We are here to offer factual and a straight forward approach to bike service and maintenance. We work with most of the manufacturers that produce parts and accessories that are installed on bikes today.

This allows us to offer support for warranty issues and in-depth technical concerns.

General Repairs: Maintenance and Service
Build Bikes: All Brands and Types
Custom Wheel Building
Suspension Installation: Fork and Shock Service and Maintenance
Hydraulic Brake Installation and Service
Derailleur Installation and Service

Always feel comforatble contacting us regarding maintenance, service, or
assembly of any type of outdoor related products.

Unique Services
Scooter repairs
Power Wheel Assembly
Department Store Products needing services



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