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About Brick Alley Bicycles

I would like to introduce myself and invite all to visit Brick Alley Bicycles. The sport of cycling has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. As a kid, I
always enjoyed riding my bike with friends and the freedom it offered to me. My bicycle was not only my form of transportation, but it was FUN.

Well, now that I am an “adult”, I still feel like a kid at heart when I’m riding and able to carry on those same memories. Cycling is a way of life for me, my family, and
friends. Here at Brick Alley Bicycles, we want offer an environment and experience that is positive and is fun to all those who are interested in cycling.

Whether you are just beginning to ride and searching for that first bike, trying to get back into shape, or are an experienced enthusiast or racer, our services and products
will offer you the right tools to succeed. With over 20 years in the bicycle industry, I have the right knowledge to help you with all your cycling interests.

At Brick Alley Bicycles, we can guide you in the right direction no matter what your needs. Over the years we have tried and used many different products from bicycles, the parts and pieces that go on them, and the accessories that make it more fun. So, we will help to simplify the process of buying new, “toys”, bikes and the items that go along with riding. There are many categories of bicycles and sometimes the variety can create a little confusion when shopping for a new or previously owned bike.

We want to make the process of buying less difficult and less intimidating.

● BMX bikes and racing
● Recreational kids bikes ranging in size from; 12” wheel, 16” wheel, 20” wheel, and 24” wheel single speed and multi-speed options.
● Family bikes; Bikes that are comfortable for neighborhood and beach riding.
● Mountain Bikes; 26” and 29” wheel hard-tails and Full Suspension bikes.
● Road Bikes; Performance road and Sport Road geometry bikes, Flat bar road bikes, and Cyclo-cross bikes.

Thank you very much for this opportunity,
Craig Tamburello



Brick Alley Bicycles
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